Friday, July 11, 2008

She's Working!!

We got the car working yesterday! She blew a lot of smoke from the oil in the motor, but after leaving her running for about 30 min. it all worked out of her system. Dad took us all for several rides in the field and down our road :). We also successfully put the titles in our name and got a tag for this one, so we are now "legal"!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Car #2

Here's a few more pictures of Car #2 (we're working on a name for her :)

Our Cars!

Sunday Dad and I drove up to Ohio to pick-up two 1929 Model A Two-door Sedan cars from my Great Uncle Atlee. He purchased car #2 in 1968 and Car #1 in 1994.

Car #1:
{signing over the titles}

{loading her up}

Car #2:

This is the car is the car we decided to bring home. The idea is we will get this one working and then we will take the other car apart and completely restore it. That way when we get the other car in mess on the ground and we start wondering where the end is, we'll be able to take a little drive in this one to "revive" ourselves :) Our Grandma will be bringing the other car down this fall.